Sleep, The Real Importance of it!


 The Real Importance of Sleep!   About a third of your life is actually spent sleeping!!! And did you know that the amount of energy saved every time you sleep is so unsubstantial. Getting the normal eight hours of sleep only amounts to about 50 kilo calories, or what is equivalent to the energy that…

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Toxins in Your Body, What Exactly are They?

What exactly are Toxins in your body? Any toxin is a harmful substance produced inside of living cells or even organisms (man-made substances developed by artificial processes, not in the human organism are certainly not considered toxins with that definition). It was the organic chemist Ludwig Brieger (1849-1919) who first used the term ‘toxin’. Toxins…

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Check Out Our Great Online Store For All Your Fitness Needs!


“Fulfill Your Fitness Needs” Store! All your fitness needs- presented straight forward with reviews! Get The best Equipment to reach your fitness goals. All items fulfilled by Amazon, just click below. Invest in your Health, Today!!! Your Friend, Fitness Buyer Miguel

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Leading Causes of Death For Americans, LOOK OUT!

Dear Fellow Fitness Enthusiast, In order to better prepare yourself for your future and better health, we first should start off at the opposite end of the health spectrum, DEATH. Although most people shy away from this topic, there is a lot we can learn from the major leading causes of death for Americans. I…

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Meditation and It’s Healing Wonders

Why is meditation so great and life changing? The use of meditation for healing and spiritual enlightenment has been an ancient practice that is common among the world’s great cultures and religions. It is an accepted and proven alternative therapy that is classified under “mind-body medicine.” Through the years, more and more people have found…

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What Exactly Are Super Foods?


What Exactly Are Super Foods?   Superfoods are meals which are very “nutritionally dense”, that also have extra add-on health advantages that can come from “anti-oxidants” and “phytochemicals”. We’ll review all of individuals terms in a little more detail next. If your meals are nutritionally dense this means the food has high levels of vitamins…

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Superfoods; Nature’s Secret for Humans!

Eat Yourself Healthy Using The The best Nature Needs to Offer, Super Foods! “They work miracles but almost no one is aware of them. You’ll ask yourself these questions; “Just how can something so simple be so effective… and still secret?” They are known as Super Foods and here’s only a taste of the things…

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Support us, Donate Any Amount Today!

This site takes time to build, research and bring to you valuable content. In order to continue to bring you quality work we need to raise funds in order to pay our expenses and to buy and test new equipment. In the long run you will save money, simply because we test things before you…

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How to be in great physical shape and stay fit and healthy for life!

How to be in great physical shape and stay fit and healthy for life! Generally people know that getting and staying fit is very important. Many try to keep fit and healthy to acquire a fantastic figure. Now you wonder , are people aware of the great things that come with being fit and healthy…

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Exercise Equipment is a Great Investment!

Exercise products are a great investment. Exercising with the level of privacy within your own home offers equally comfortable access and also stability in your daily workout. The removal of insecurities produced from strangers watching you or waiting to use your machine is a real annoyance. The ability to watch what you want and listen…

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