Effective August 20 , 2014: Manhattan Made Enterprises LLC , Indoorfitnesshelp .com (collectively , “we” , “us” or “our”) posses and maintain sites on the internet , mobile software programs , along with additional digital , interactive services ( alongside one another , the “Services” ) . This Privacy Policy ( the “Privacy Policy” ) is applicable simply to the info we obtain through the Services , unless of course the internet site , mobile software , or other digital , interactive services has a separate privacy policy , wherein case that privacy policy will oversee .

Now we have implemented this Privacy Policy to give explanation what information may be compiled through the Services , how we and our parents , subsidiaries and affiliates ( collectively , “Affiliated Companies” ) together with successors and related organizations use this info , and under what instances we may divulge the details to third parties .

This Privacy Policy , together with the Terms of Use posted on our Services , sets forth the widespread rules and regulations regulating your use of our Services . Depending upon your very own activities when visiting our Services , you are going to be required to agree to additional terms and conditions .

It is best to review this Privacy Policy often , as it may change occasionally without notice . Any modifications will be effective almost instantly upon the posting of the renewed Privacy Policy .


A . Info We Gather

Our Services typically collect two types of data about you : ( a ) information that you provide that personally identifies you ; and ( b ) information that does not personally identify you that we simultaneously gather when you visit our Services or that you provide us .

( 1 ) Personally Distinguishable Info :

Our definition of personally distinguishable information includes any information that may be used to specifically distinguish or communicate with you , such as your name , home address , email address contact information , telephone number , etc . As a general policy , we do not automatically pick up your personally identifiable information when you visit our Services . In certain instances , we may request , allow or otherwise offer you a chance to submit your personally identifiable details in connection with a feature , program promotion , or some other aspect of our Services . As an example , you may : ( a ) provide your name , address , email account , and telephone number when registering with our Services , or in conjunction a sweepstakes or contest entry ; ( b ) provide certain demographic more knowledge about you ( e .g . , age , gender , purchase preference , usage regularity , etc . ) when participating in a poll , survey or joining a club ; or ( c ) post a general comment and/or recommendation on our Services . Specific information may not be personally identifiable when standing alone ( e .g . , your age ) , but may become so when combined with other facts ( e .g . , your age and name ) . Whether you provide this information is your preference ; however , in many instances this type of information is required to participate in the particular some activity , realize an advantage we might offer , or get access to certain content on our Services .

( 2 ) Non-Personal Info :

Non-personal information may include certain particularly identifiable info that has been de-identified ; that is , information that has been rendered anonymous . We obtain non-personal information about you from information that you provide us , either separately or in conjunction with your personally identifiable information . We also automatically collect certain non-personal information from you when you access our Products and services . This info may include , among other things , IP addresses , the type of browser you are using ( e .g . , Internet Explorer , Firefox , Safari , etc . ) , the third party website from which your visit originated , the operating system you are actually using ( e .g . , Vista , Windows XP , Mac OS , etc . ) , the domain name of your Internet service provider ( e .g . , America Online , NetZero , etc . ) , the search keywords you use on our Services , the specific web pages you visit , and the timeframe of your visit .

( 3 ) Device Specific location Info :

We may well obtain different kinds of details about your current location , including basic information such as IP address or zip code and more specific information such as the GPS-based functionality used to access the Services . We might use that information to customize the Services with location-based facts , advertising , and features . To illustrate , if you provide a postal code that indicates that you live in Chicago , the Services may be customized with California-specific info and ads . In order to do this , your current location information may be passed along to our Affiliated Businesses , agents , vendors , or advertisers . If you gain access to the Services through a mobile apparatus and you do not want to provide us with your location-tracking information , you can disable the GPS or other location-tracking features on your device , provided your apparatus allows you to do this . See your device manufacturer’s instructions for further details .
( 1 ) Personally Identifiable Info :

The personally distinguishable details you submit to us may possibly be used to complete your requests , respond to your queries , better serve you , or in other ways normally associated with the circumstances in which you provided the information . We may also use this info to one day contact you for a variety of reasons , such as customer service , providing you promotional information for our products or those of our Affiliated Companies , or to communicate with you about content or other information you may have posted or shared with us via our Services .

( 2 ) Non-Personal Info :

We use non-personal details in a number of ways , which include to help examine site traffic , understand customer needs and developments , perform targeted promotional activities , and to improve our services . We may use your non-personal information by itself or aggregate it with information we have acquired from others . We might share your non-personal information with our Affiliated Companies and third parties to achieve these objectives and others , but keep in mind that aggregate information is unidentified information that is not intended to personally distinguish you .

( 3 ) IP Addresses :

An IP address is a number which is automatically assigned to your computer when you are surfing the Internet . Web servers ( computers that “serve up” web pages ) automatically identify your computer by its IP address . When visitors request pages from our Services , our servers typically log their IP addresses . We collect IP addresses for purposes of system administration , to report non-personal aggregate information to others , and to track the use of our Services . IP addresses are considered non-personal info and may be shared as provided above . This is not our practice to link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable ; that is , the visitor’s session will be logged , but the visitor remains anonymous to us . However , we reserve the right to use IP addresses to identify a visitor when we think it is necessary to enforce compliance with our Services’ policy or to : ( a ) fulfill a federal request ; ( b ) comply with the requirements of the law or lawful process ; ( c ) guard or protect our legal rights or property , our Services , or other users ; or ( d ) in an emergency to protect the health and safety of our Services’ users or the general public .

( 4 ) Cookies , etc . :

“Cookies” are small text files from a website that are stored on your hard drive . These type files make using our Services less complicated by , among other things , saving your passwords and personal preferences for you . Cookies themselves do not typically contain any personally identifiable info . We may examine the material derived from these cookies as well as other technical tools we employ ( such as clear gifs/web beacons ) and match this info with data obtainable you or another party . We may provide our analysis and certain non-personal information to third parties ( who may consequently use this info to provide advertising tailored to your interests ) , but this will not involve disclosing any of your personally identifiable info . Please note that advertisers that serve up ads on our Services and third party content material providers that serve content on our Services may also use their own cookies and other technological tools which are subject to these kinds of advertiser’s and/or content provider’s privacy policies , not this Privacy Policy .

If you are concerned about the storage and use of cookies , you may be in the position to direct your internet browser to notify you and seek approval whenever a cookie is being sent to your hard drive . You may also delete a cookie manually from your hard drive through your internet browser or other programs . If you would like more info relating to tailored browser advertising and how you control cookies from being put on your computer to deliver tailored advertising , you may visit the Digital Advertising Alliance’s website . You can also control advertisements cookies from Google by using its Ads Preference Manager .

Please note , however , that to the extent advertising technology is integrated into the Services , you may still receive advertisements even if you opt-out of tailored ads and that some parts of our Services will not function properly or be available to you if you refuse to accept a cookie or choose to disable the acceptance of cookies .

When using one of our mobile apps , you may get tailored in-app advertisements . Every operating system , Android for Android devices , iOS for Apple phones , and Windows for Microsoft systems provides its own instructions on how to block the delivery of tailored in-application advertisements .

Review the support materials and/or the privacy settings for the respective operating systems in order to opt-out of tailored in-application advertisements . For any additional devices and/or operating systems , visit the privacy settings for the applicable device or contact the applicable platform operator .

( 5 ) Email Communications :

If you send us an email with questions or feedback , we may use your particularly identifiable info to respond to your questions or comments , and we may save your questions or comments for future reference point . For security reasons , we do not recommend that you send non-public personal information , such as passwords , social security numbers , or bank-account information , to us by email message . In certain instances , we may provide you with the option to set your preferences for receiving email communications from us ; that is , agree to some communications but not others . You may “opt out” of receiving future commercial email communications from us by following the instructions at the bottom of most commercial emails we send , or as provided below ; provided , however , we reserve the right to send you transactional emails such as customer support communications .

If you submitted personal identifiable info to us prior to the above effective date, and desire to opt out of having that previously submitted personally identifiable info from being ACTED UPON under the new policy, please contact us at support@indoorfitnesshelp.com