Row Your Way to Fat Loss, Burn It!

Row Your Way to Fat Loss! Burn It!

Dear friends in Fitness,

I wanted to properly announce what is currently trending in New York City sports clubs, Cardio Equipment is back! I do not mean the treadmill, bike or stair-master, get this… The rowing machine is a Fat Destroyer!

Rowing Classes are the Real Deal!

Okay, so on average, a 45 minute session will burn about 400-800 calories, that is one solid class of straight burn. This machine works out every major muscle group in your body. This machine is one of the most underrated machines in the gym but now classes are popping up all over the place to focus on getting you into your ideal shape, the fastest way possible, rowing for the whole body!

A word of caution, these classes may be extreme if your not used to intense full body workouts! I’m planning to sign up next week and start taking my cardio to the next level. The rower helps tone muscles and burn calories like non other. It is relatively unmatched when you consider how much you get done in a short amount of time. With the proper coaching and music your class will go by quick and you will feel a tremendous burn! Power rowing classes are also very powerful in which the whole class rows in unison, keeping good form and creating one group sound… with no talking allowed, now that’s serious!

Some gyms offer a row training program, where they give you interactive training of a simulation course that helps develop your technique, reach higher levels of cardio and strength building! That’s not all either, some programs actually record how well you did to test against yourself the next time you come to work out! Some classes even use intervals of ab work, upper body and legs in between rowing!

I am sure if you implement Rowing to your regular routine you will surely see great results all around! Burn that fat, get the body you want, start rowing today!

Rowing Machines
One of the most complete cardiovascular exercises around has to be rowing. A proper workout on a rowing machine will tone all of the major muscle groups such as your legs, back and arms. The beauty of using an indoor rowing machine is first of all it doesn’t involve water. This rower doesn’t get you wet, there are no early sunrise trips to get your machine out of the boat shed. No cold changing rooms and gale force winds for your training session. There are lots of different machines available on the market. Although they generally fall into 2 categories:

Water rowers
Air rowers

Water Rowing Machinewhich contrary to its namesake, do not end up in you getting wet after a vigorous workout. The machines are very beautifully designed and use enclosed water and paddles for resistance as opposed to air. These rowers tend to be quieter than air rowers and are just as much works of art as they are exercise machines.

Air Rowing Machine
comes in many varieties but the concept 2 is commonly accepted to be one of the best, if not the best. They are engineering masterpieces and are all calibrated to the same standard. So, if you do a certain time on a concept 2 rower, you can rest assured that, that time will be replicated exactly on another concept 2 machine. This is the reason why the world indoor rowing championships use the concept 2.

Cheers to your health and fitness, FitnessBuyer Miguel

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