Seven Tips to Upgrade Your Fitness Routine Today!

Seven Tips to Upgrade Your Fitness Routine Today!

These days you can find plenty of information on exercising and becoming fit. Today, we will discuss the seven most popular tips to upgrade your fitness routine.

While engaging in an exercise program, it is critical to measure your progress. You should keep a work out journal. Most importantly, you will want to write down the exercises, repetitions and sets. When taking notes on the aerobic component of your exercise routine, you definitely should take notes on both your resting heart rate as well as exercising heart rate levels.

To start you need to add variety to keep your exercising interesting and psyche your muscles and body into weight loss or muscle growth and repair. Here is a basic example, for overall fitness, if you normally go for a run try switching to swimming for a a good period of time. Now for people who weight train with heavy weights and low repetitions, try switching to a faster, low weight, high repetition routine.

Don’t Forget These Fitness Tips

While many forget or skip the warm up phase of an exercise routine, this is a huge mistake. Proper warm ups will help improve the flexibility of your muscles, tendons and ligaments through a wide range of motions. It will also raise your heart rate to a certain degree. This helps prep your body for the demands of your exercise regimen.

Take note; In fitness, your muscles need time to recuperate between workouts. When working out your muscles are actually being ripped at the cellular level and it is only when you rest that they rebuild themselves stronger. Your complete body also needs rest to prevent exhaustion and long healing periods.

Many individuals have more overall successful when they exercise with a training partner for multiple reasons. The most important reason to have a training partner is motivation to achieve your fitness goals. There will be days when you may not want to visit the gym, but your training partner will push you along. Another main reason for having a training partner is for safety reasons. When you are lifting heavier weights, your training partner can be beside you to assist you if you cannot complete the set.

There plenty of things you can do to maximize your workouts. One of them is increasing the amount of load on the muscle. When weight training, this is achieved by placing more weight during a certain set of repetitions. Another way is to reduce the amount time you rest between exercise sets. Researchers have shown taking shorter periods of rest between sets results in higher growth hormone secretion from your body, this is the key to results in fitness.

Health is Wealth, Fitness First!

It is very important to keep your body hydrated while exercising. Keep in mind you are sweating excessively during an exercise session and need to replenish the water you are losing. This is essential to avoid muscle cramps and injuries. Many exercise experts recommend drinking bottled water, preferably in steel bottles not plastic. The main reason is bottled water contains less contaminants than the water from the water fountain at the gym. Those who drink from the water fountain do so regardless if they are sick with the flu or any other ailments. You should take care of yourself and keep away from germs.

This short list highlights some of the important tips to keep in mind for improving your exercise routine. By adding these tips and making them habit, you will achieve your fitness goals successfully.


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