Summer Time Countdown to a Better You!

Summer time Countdown to a Better You!

Dear friends in fitness;

It has been a long while since I have last posted, not because I did not want to or did not have anything to post about. On the contrary, I have many new revelations that I want to share with you! I have recently fully recovered from my thumb fracture and been working out my hand muscles! I am now back to better than normal, I actually have large muscles on my hands from all the training my physical therapist has given me. I feel great! I have also readjusted my training regimen at my gym, more on that in a later post. Lets take a second to talk about summer time and our goals.


Today, I am here to talk and motivate you on the subject at hand; Summer time! Believe it or not summer is not that far away, we have about 70, yes seventy more days until summer. The weather here on the East Coast is already getting so much better. More people are going to the gym and even more people are changing their eating habits. As you may already know, Indoor Fitness Help is “here to help”!

In the next few weeks we will be posting some new revelations about sleep, eating for weight loss, food selection and training regimen. We hope that you follow closely and comment! Please be sure to donate to the cause and sign up for our Limited time E-report;

“12 things you can do to change your overall fitness, now!”

Summer time means; enjoying the outdoors, BBQ’s, outdoor parties, events, traveling, tight clothes or less clothes, beaches and pools! Lets make sure we are working towards our optimal health and fitness. We should all feel comfortable in our skin. As you may have already read in other posts; We teach fitness as a lifestyle, you are what you eat, make the right choices time and time again to reach your goals, and work with a partner to motivate each other!

Here are a few things you should consider for your beach body;

  • Making the right food choices; low fat and minimal carbohydrates(especially complex carbohydrates at night).
  • Set a set goal, that is not impossible! I really mean this one.
  • Vision yourself at your goal often.
  • Drink water! Sugar filled drinks will make you work harder and tire easier!
  • Maintain a balanced diet. Fitness First!
  • Go to the gym more often even if its for 30 minutes!
  • Get some type of daily exercise, 45 minutes; jogging, running, jumping, swimming, climbing stairs, it all helps!
  • Rest! part of being healthy is resting properly and not overworking your body cause your body needs to heal
  • Take on a fitness partner, motivation goes a long way!
  • Make everything Routine, put your health on auto pilot (most psychologist say it takes 30-35 days on average to change a habit or pattern. Make sure all your habits are working towards your goals!)
  • Take your vitamins, daily.( especially if you have drastically changed your diet)
  • Get enough protein throughout the day. Your body needs protein to heal grow and function properly.
  • Think positive, remember all that your doing is for the goal of enjoying your summer and for the best!
  • Love your routine, have you ever noticed how some runners wake up at very early hours and run,run, run? I tell you what they love their routine, and most of them have what is called runner’s high and trust me they look forward to it everyday. Your routine should be the same!
  • Change things up, people who report the most changes are people who change their routine every so often to “trick” the body.
  • Reward yourself, some women I know say “when I reach my goal, I will go shopping” some men say “when I reach my goal, I will treat myself to a fancy feast.”

I wish you all the best! Remember, fitness starts at home and we are here to help!

Your friend in fitness,

Fitness Buyer Miguel

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